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How to Find Work from Your Computer

computer 101Where would we all be without computers? Well, we wouldn’t be sat here reading this particular guide which is going to give you a few pointers if you are looking for a career in journalism or writing and you have something of a specialist knowledge of computing.

With there being such a huge range of different computers and laptops there is a real demand for people who can write on that subject, but also opt their own unique spin and writing style into the articles and news stories they write.

You are going to find it will be best that you approach not only newspaper and magazines directly if you are hoping to get a foot into the door so to speak to working for those companies, but many websites are screaming out for quality writers.

So do consider approaching computing themed and based website owners with some example articles and news stories as many people do have a high level of success when doing so.

Constructing a Computing Article or News Story

Many writers who are compiling computer based news stories and articles use tech speak throughout those articles, and it will be determined by the readers who are expected to read your articles whether you make them technical based or write them in an easy to follow way.

Keeping to the facts is very important for whilst every computer will have its own specification, if you are writing a review readers and not going to be too interested of how you found certain aspects of the computer you are reviewing which are only relevant to you.

You should start off with the technical specification when compiling a computer news story or review type article and also compare it to any previous model it has replaced.

Keep in mind that as well as the specification of any computer you will need to mention the price, however, depending on what type of article you are compiling you may not be required to mention a price or a price comparison between different suppliers.

That may be due to the website or publication you are writing for are aiming to push their readers or website visitors to one single supply and as such there will be no need to mention the price.

One final thing to note is that you will need to have had access to the computer you are writing about, whilst some writers can simply read through the technical specification of a computer and then fill up a new story or review based article with that specification.

You are going to build up a loyal following of readers if you give them as much information as possible but from a personal point of view, rather than just rehashing the tech data.

The length of any such computing related article will always be up to the person who has asked you to write it, however an average word count for such articles is between 500 and 1000 words in total.

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