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Writing in the Gambling Niche

Online-Slot-GamesWriters who are fully conversant with all forms of gambling are going to find lots of companies will be eager to use your writing talents, more so in the online environment as opposed to the more traditional print media.

If you are looking for a career in writing and do have a deep knowledge of gambling in general, then there are lots of different hints and tips we can pass onto you in regards to how you can make a career out of writing on that very topic.

The most commonly asked for articles in regards to gambling topics are guides on individual games of chance and also the gambling sites which offer those games to their players and customers.

However, with there being lots of promotional offers, new casino game releases and a whole slew of additional news related stories which a writer can write about you will always find you can diversify into news related gambling topics if you fancy a change from writing about casino games and what they have to offer players.

Constructing a Gambling Article or New Story

One aspect of writing gambling game guides that you do have to pay careful attention to is unique content, for it can be way too easy for a writer who for example has been commissioned to write about several slot games and to give a review of them to use the same terms and phrases on each of those articles and guides.

You should open any game guide with a brief overview of the theme of the game if any, along with mentioning any previous games the new game may be part of a series of and possibly also mention the date that game was released and who designed it.

Next you will need to mention the stakes and the prizes which can be won on the game you are reviewing and also mention the all important payout percentage or house edge of the game, as that is a very vital piece of information for any gambler.

Next mention any bonus games or bonus features and give an overview of how they are triggered and awarded to players. If for example you are writing about a blackjack game or a video poker game, then you can often make your articles much more interesting by mentioning how a player can put into play perfect playing strategy.

There will, as mentioned above be a huge number of companies and individuals who will require people to write for them who understand the gambling environment inside and out, and as such you should put feelers out to gain a foothold in the industry if it is one you do have a lot of knowledge about.  We have recently contibributed to Wagered.com and OddsChecker.com Рtwo highly respectable sites in the Gambling niche, and we had great feedback from this.

As long as you keep your news stories and casino or gambling game guides unique and informative you will find it is very easy to write plenty of articles in one session, and it can also be a very fun environment to work as it is certainly an ever changing one!

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