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Promoting Yourself through Training Guides

training 110101If you are thinking of making a career out of writing, there are of course going to be a very large range of opportunities available to you in regards to putting together and compiling training guides.

Whilst many students who have been studying a course on writing and journalism in general may think that there are going to be lots of opening in newspapers and magazines, you are going to find even more available by writing content for websites.

Training guides do however call for a completely different writing style, and you may initially be a little daunted about writing any form of training guide if you have never done so before, but are required to do so.

However, you will find that if the topic you are writing about is something you are passionate about or have a deep understanding of, you can quite quickly put together one, and what makes writing training guides fun, from a writers pointing of view they can bring their own personality to those articles and guides.

Constructing a Training Guide

When you are sat there with a blank word document and wish to write a training guide of any type you should initially start with a brief introduction to what the guide is going to be covering.

There will be no need for several paragraphs on the introduction, just mention the basic facts and then you can move onto the training guide itself from paragraph two onwards.

The best types of training guides you can write will be those which are compiled in a step by step type of format and layout as it can often be the case the reader is sat there reading your guide and will be putting into practice what you are writing, and as such a step by step type of guide will be very useful to that reader.

We are often asked how many words should be included in a training guide, and that will of course be depend on where your article is going to be published. If such a guide is basic and very straight forward look to write around 500 words, but if the topic you are covering is more in-depth and a little difficult to cover, then anything up to 1000 words is average.

Never forget it will be pointless waffling on in a training guide as the reader wants the basic facts and not opinions, and with that in mind you if you are interested in writing training guides do put together several of them on the same topic, as you will then find what method of writing them best works for you.

Getting a third party to review your work and asking for honest feedback will often increase your writing talents, however never be too upset if the feedback on your first few guides is not positive, take any and all criticism on-board and use it to help improve your writing talents and abilities as that will best the way forward.

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