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How to Become a Tech Writer

tech 101010It is often the case that writers who cover news stories and also compile articles and guides on technical related subjects and news stories are going to be quite young. In fact, you are going to find that if you have a deep passion for technical devices, computing and even gaming there are going to be many different companies who will be interested in employing you.

It is the online environment that you are going to have a much increased chance of finding work as a tech news writer, and with that in mind we have put together the following article to give you a few ideas of not only who you should approach for a job in this market sector but also how you should compile and structure your articles and news stories.

Tech news does of course cover many different topics, and readers of such articles and news updates what to have as much information on any new products as is possible. With that in mind you should be looking to pack as much information into your news stories as you possibly can do.

Constructing a Tech News Article or News Story

Do not make the common mistake of making your opening paragraphs too long when compiling and structuring a tech news story or article, as the reader will be drawn to that news story by the title and will have an idea of what it is about via that title.

You would give a brief insight into the news story itself and then go into much greater detail in the next few paragraphs. A reader will always want to know the names or people or companies that are releasing any new products or updates and that should therefore be included in your news article.

Also keep in mind people like to know the price of any products they are going to be interested in buying, so if your tech news story is about a new product, piece of software or hardware then if you are allowed to mention prices from several different suppliers and compare those prices.

If the topic you are covering in your tech news story is about a new product which is replacing a previous one, then it is very important to include as much information on the new product and compare it to the product it is replacing. Mentioning any advanced features available and explain how they work and operate and what improvements there are.

In regards to the word count and length of any tech news related article, try and keep them as factual as is possible with a much smaller word count of around 500 to 750 being ample for these types of news stories.

The only way you are going to become a much more advanced an experienced writer is by writing as many news related stories and articles as is possible. So one tip we can pass onto you is to compile several to build up your portfolio and get a third party reader to give you their honest feedback on your news stories.

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