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Writing About Web Design

web design 101Writing about web design is going to require you to have a wide and very varied amount of experience of that very subject, for there are lots of tools a web designer can use to put together their website and as such a lot of research will be required.

However, having said that if you are very well versed and fully conversant with one type of web design tool then there will be lots of companies out there who are looking for someone to write a series of training guides and news related subjects on one single web design tool.

But you will find that you may end up writing the same type of articles, news updates and training guides over and over again for the people who are paying you to compile those articles, and as such it is very important each one you write is completely unique.

To make those articles and training guides unique you should add you own personal opinion into each one you compile and whilst ensuring you stick to the relevant facts and figures you may wish to add some comments of your own into the guide to help keep them unique.

Constructing a Web Design Article or New Story

The title of your web design based article should be unique, and due to the title giving the reader a very clear indication of what the article is about there will be no need to make the introduction to it as long and as drawn out as when writing other guides and articles.

If your article is about new updates to any web design tool or software then you must include a fully overview and description of what that update has on offer, as the reader will find that useful, more so if they are used to using the original tool or piece of software.

When compiling a training guide on any web design tool or piece of software then a step by step guide will often be the very best way to structure that guide.

Word count and the length of your guide or article is also important, for whilst a reader will want to get the hard facts without having to read through pages and pages of written content, that will be the case if you are giving a full trading type of guide on the web design tool or software.

With that in mind it may be beneficial for you to write several different guides which form part of one single guide with some form of index or feeder page which gives and overview of each additional section of your guide.

If you are writing for content on a web design website, then interlink the relevant additional pages so the reader can quickly click onto those links and refer to those additional articles quickly and easily.

Just keep in mind that web design is a specialist subject and you should always write in such a way that both experience web designers as well as first time web designers are going to understand.

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