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Want to be a Gaming Writer? Read This First!

gaming 101You are always going to find a very strong demand for writers and journalists who have a specialized knowledge of gaming, for with many websites and magazines as well as newspapers dedicating one or more sections of their sites and publications to gaming you could find a steady stream of work available.

However, you do have to have a keen interest in the design and structure of a wide range of games, and as such if you have spent hours playing all of the new game releases and some of the older more established games that experience will come in handy.

Your writing needs to concentrate on the actual design of the game you are writing about, how it plays and any additional unique features, hints, tips and any know cheats on the game.

Below you will find several different sections which you could use as the basic structure of your next article or game review, and remember keep to the facts but do give you own unique insight into the games, as that is what readers like.

Constructing a Gaming Article or New Story

Anyone who has made the effort to buy a magazine or visit a website that is going to be giving them access to a lot of information on all manner of different games, is going to be very interested in what you have to say if you are reviewing a single game or even multiple games.

Obviously therefore you need to have actually played the game or games you are writing about and if it is one of a series of games then make as many comparisons to the original version, and give your opinion as to whether you find the latest game in the series more entertaining and exciting than the original.

You will need to put your own personal thoughts, opinions and often spin into any news story or article you are writing about in regards to gaming, for that is exactly what the readers wants to read, not just a large overview or list of facts and figures.

Obviously you are going to need to mention the price of the game and many writers will mention several different suppliers and then compare the prices of the game or games they are reviewing, mention the lowest and highest prices and where the game can be purchased from.

However, do keep in mind that many websites that you may be writing for will be aiming to push their website visitors to visit maybe one single game supplier through a series of links and or banners, and as such if that is the case then you should only mention the one supplier, often making reference to the value of the game when bought via that supplier.

Why not write a couple of test articles right now, think back to a few of the games you may have played years ago or recently for that matter and then describe how you found the game and what made it unique. You will be amazed at how quickly you can write such an article when you try.