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Writing About Web Design

web design 101Writing about web design is going to require you to have a wide and very varied amount of experience of that very subject, for there are lots of tools a web designer can use to put together their website and as such a lot of research will be required.

However, having said that if you are very well versed and fully conversant with one type of web design tool then there will be lots of companies out there who are looking for someone to write a series of training guides and news related subjects on one single web design tool.

But you will find that you may end up writing the same type of articles, news updates and training guides over and over again for the people who are paying you to compile those articles, and as such it is very important each one you write is completely unique.

To make those articles and training guides unique you should add you own personal opinion into each one you compile and whilst ensuring you stick to the relevant facts and figures you may wish to add some comments of your own into the guide to help keep them unique.

Constructing a Web Design Article or New Story

The title of your web design based article should be unique, and due to the title giving the reader a very clear indication of what the article is about there will be no need to make the introduction to it as long and as drawn out as when writing other guides and articles.

If your article is about new updates to any web design tool or software then you must include a fully overview and description of what that update has on offer, as the reader will find that useful, more so if they are used to using the original tool or piece of software.

When compiling a training guide on any web design tool or piece of software then a step by step guide will often be the very best way to structure that guide.

Word count and the length of your guide or article is also important, for whilst a reader will want to get the hard facts without having to read through pages and pages of written content, that will be the case if you are giving a full trading type of guide on the web design tool or software.

With that in mind it may be beneficial for you to write several different guides which form part of one single guide with some form of index or feeder page which gives and overview of each additional section of your guide.

If you are writing for content on a web design website, then interlink the relevant additional pages so the reader can quickly click onto those links and refer to those additional articles quickly and easily.

Just keep in mind that web design is a specialist subject and you should always write in such a way that both experience web designers as well as first time web designers are going to understand.

Promoting Yourself through Training Guides

training 110101If you are thinking of making a career out of writing, there are of course going to be a very large range of opportunities available to you in regards to putting together and compiling training guides.

Whilst many students who have been studying a course on writing and journalism in general may think that there are going to be lots of opening in newspapers and magazines, you are going to find even more available by writing content for websites.

Training guides do however call for a completely different writing style, and you may initially be a little daunted about writing any form of training guide if you have never done so before, but are required to do so.

However, you will find that if the topic you are writing about is something you are passionate about or have a deep understanding of, you can quite quickly put together one, and what makes writing training guides fun, from a writers pointing of view they can bring their own personality to those articles and guides.

Constructing a Training Guide

When you are sat there with a blank word document and wish to write a training guide of any type you should initially start with a brief introduction to what the guide is going to be covering.

There will be no need for several paragraphs on the introduction, just mention the basic facts and then you can move onto the training guide itself from paragraph two onwards.

The best types of training guides you can write will be those which are compiled in a step by step type of format and layout as it can often be the case the reader is sat there reading your guide and will be putting into practice what you are writing, and as such a step by step type of guide will be very useful to that reader.

We are often asked how many words should be included in a training guide, and that will of course be depend on where your article is going to be published. If such a guide is basic and very straight forward look to write around 500 words, but if the topic you are covering is more in-depth and a little difficult to cover, then anything up to 1000 words is average.

Never forget it will be pointless waffling on in a training guide as the reader wants the basic facts and not opinions, and with that in mind you if you are interested in writing training guides do put together several of them on the same topic, as you will then find what method of writing them best works for you.

Getting a third party to review your work and asking for honest feedback will often increase your writing talents, however never be too upset if the feedback on your first few guides is not positive, take any and all criticism on-board and use it to help improve your writing talents and abilities as that will best the way forward.

How to Become a Tech Writer

tech 101010It is often the case that writers who cover news stories and also compile articles and guides on technical related subjects and news stories are going to be quite young. In fact, you are going to find that if you have a deep passion for technical devices, computing and even gaming there are going to be many different companies who will be interested in employing you.

It is the online environment that you are going to have a much increased chance of finding work as a tech news writer, and with that in mind we have put together the following article to give you a few ideas of not only who you should approach for a job in this market sector but also how you should compile and structure your articles and news stories.

Tech news does of course cover many different topics, and readers of such articles and news updates what to have as much information on any new products as is possible. With that in mind you should be looking to pack as much information into your news stories as you possibly can do.

Constructing a Tech News Article or News Story

Do not make the common mistake of making your opening paragraphs too long when compiling and structuring a tech news story or article, as the reader will be drawn to that news story by the title and will have an idea of what it is about via that title.

You would give a brief insight into the news story itself and then go into much greater detail in the next few paragraphs. A reader will always want to know the names or people or companies that are releasing any new products or updates and that should therefore be included in your news article.

Also keep in mind people like to know the price of any products they are going to be interested in buying, so if your tech news story is about a new product, piece of software or hardware then if you are allowed to mention prices from several different suppliers and compare those prices.

If the topic you are covering in your tech news story is about a new product which is replacing a previous one, then it is very important to include as much information on the new product and compare it to the product it is replacing. Mentioning any advanced features available and explain how they work and operate and what improvements there are.

In regards to the word count and length of any tech news related article, try and keep them as factual as is possible with a much smaller word count of around 500 to 750 being ample for these types of news stories.

The only way you are going to become a much more advanced an experienced writer is by writing as many news related stories and articles as is possible. So one tip we can pass onto you is to compile several to build up your portfolio and get a third party reader to give you their honest feedback on your news stories.

Specialising in Content about Mobile Devices

phones 1010You may remember the time when any mobile device was a very large and a very clumsy device which only offered you the ability to make a phone call. However, as the years have ticked by the design of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet devices has changed from all recognition from those earlier devices.

A very large percentage of the population of each country have some type of mobile device, and there is also a large number of people who insist on having the very latest mobile device the very minute it becomes available to the general public.

With there being lots of different operating system and lots of companies designing and then manufacturing their own unique mobile devices there is of course a demand for writers who are able to keep pace with the mobile device environment, which is an ever changing one.

If you are thinking of a career writing or in journalism, then one way to get a step onto ladder is by initially writing mobile device reviews and mobile device news stories.

Whilst your articles will possibly not be needed in print media there is a very large demand for writers who can put together and compile informative and unique articles on that subject for websites.

Constructing a Computing Article or News Story

You will need to supply as much technical information as you possibly can do if you are writing any news story or guide to any recently launched mobile device.

The more information you supply the more likely a reader is going to return to read any additional articles or guides you write which is certainly going to help with your career as a writer.

You should concentrate your writing efforts on comparing the very latest mobile devices and mobile operating systems with any devices a new one is replacing and also list any new features found on a newly launched mobile device.

Obviously depending on where your news story or article is to be displayed you may also want to mention the current price of the mobile device you are writing about and comparing the price with various different supplies.

Images can also help to complement any mobile device related article and as such be prepared to include those in your written work as that will enable the reader to study those images and get a feel for the information you are supplying them with.

As long as you are prepared to put in the work required to keep pace with the constantly changing world of mobile devices then you will find plenty of companies will be interested in buying your guides, articles and news stories.

Just make sure you keep the word count high and the quality of your articles high too as that is what all buyers of any written work will be looking for and if you can master the art of writing mobile related news stories then the sky is the limit in regards to what you can earn from your writing talents.

A writing Career in Information Technology

InformationTechnologyIf you are interested in a career in journalism then it will often pay dividends for you to think outside of the box so to speak, when it comes to you choosing a niche to concentrate your writing efforts on.

With that in mind below we will enlighten you on a range of different topics for which there is a great demand for writers who know the respect sector inside and out.

You will find a more in-depth overview of each of the following sectors by clicking on the respective links, and remember the more knowledgeable you are on any of these topics the more likely you are to find someone willing to employ you.

Gaming – New games are always being brought out and that does of course mean there is a strong demand for writers who know the gaming environment inside and out. This guide will give you an insight on how to write game reviews and how to structure those reviews.

Gambling – Since the launch of the internet there have been many companies involved in the design and supply of games of chance which can be accessed online, and there is a huge demand for writers and journalists who can keep pace with this ever evolving environment.

Mobile Devices – If you are something of a tech geek who always has the very latest mobile device, and you are seeking a career in writing then writing about mobile devices is one way you could earn a very good living.

Computers – Keeping pace with the very latest computers and laptops is something quite a number of people have an interest in, and with a large number of mobile device related websites out there as well as magazines this is another writing career path you may be considering.

Web Design – There are several unique niches that can often bear fruits when you are a writer, and web design is one such niche. If you are interested in writing news stories and reviewing the very latest web site building tools, then this guide will give you an insight into just that subject.

Tech News – Keeping pace with modern technology is something you enjoy doing, and there are many writers who do make a good living writing news related sorties surrounding the tech market sectors.

Training Guides – One way you could earn a living writing is compiling training guides for several different companies. You could of course choose to writer generic guides on a series of different subjects but there is always a demand for quality writers who can write on one given subject.

Apps – One relatively recent technology phenomenon is the world of downloadable apps. It does appear that every company has some form of app to complement their website offerings and if you are interested in writing as a career then you are always going to be kept busy if you have a keen interest in writing about mobile apps and can keep your new stories and articles fresh and interesting.

Want to be a Gaming Writer? Read This First!

gaming 101You are always going to find a very strong demand for writers and journalists who have a specialized knowledge of gaming, for with many websites and magazines as well as newspapers dedicating one or more sections of their sites and publications to gaming you could find a steady stream of work available.

However, you do have to have a keen interest in the design and structure of a wide range of games, and as such if you have spent hours playing all of the new game releases and some of the older more established games that experience will come in handy.

Your writing needs to concentrate on the actual design of the game you are writing about, how it plays and any additional unique features, hints, tips and any know cheats on the game.

Below you will find several different sections which you could use as the basic structure of your next article or game review, and remember keep to the facts but do give you own unique insight into the games, as that is what readers like.

Constructing a Gaming Article or New Story

Anyone who has made the effort to buy a magazine or visit a website that is going to be giving them access to a lot of information on all manner of different games, is going to be very interested in what you have to say if you are reviewing a single game or even multiple games.

Obviously therefore you need to have actually played the game or games you are writing about and if it is one of a series of games then make as many comparisons to the original version, and give your opinion as to whether you find the latest game in the series more entertaining and exciting than the original.

You will need to put your own personal thoughts, opinions and often spin into any news story or article you are writing about in regards to gaming, for that is exactly what the readers wants to read, not just a large overview or list of facts and figures.

Obviously you are going to need to mention the price of the game and many writers will mention several different suppliers and then compare the prices of the game or games they are reviewing, mention the lowest and highest prices and where the game can be purchased from.

However, do keep in mind that many websites that you may be writing for will be aiming to push their website visitors to visit maybe one single game supplier through a series of links and or banners, and as such if that is the case then you should only mention the one supplier, often making reference to the value of the game when bought via that supplier.

Why not write a couple of test articles right now, think back to a few of the games you may have played years ago or recently for that matter and then describe how you found the game and what made it unique. You will be amazed at how quickly you can write such an article when you try.

Writing in the Gambling Niche

Online-Slot-GamesWriters who are fully conversant with all forms of gambling are going to find lots of companies will be eager to use your writing talents, more so in the online environment as opposed to the more traditional print media.

If you are looking for a career in writing and do have a deep knowledge of gambling in general, then there are lots of different hints and tips we can pass onto you in regards to how you can make a career out of writing on that very topic.

The most commonly asked for articles in regards to gambling topics are guides on individual games of chance and also the gambling sites which offer those games to their players and customers.

However, with there being lots of promotional offers, new casino game releases and a whole slew of additional news related stories which a writer can write about you will always find you can diversify into news related gambling topics if you fancy a change from writing about casino games and what they have to offer players.

Constructing a Gambling Article or New Story

One aspect of writing gambling game guides that you do have to pay careful attention to is unique content, for it can be way too easy for a writer who for example has been commissioned to write about several slot games and to give a review of them to use the same terms and phrases on each of those articles and guides.

You should open any game guide with a brief overview of the theme of the game if any, along with mentioning any previous games the new game may be part of a series of and possibly also mention the date that game was released and who designed it.

Next you will need to mention the stakes and the prizes which can be won on the game you are reviewing and also mention the all important payout percentage or house edge of the game, as that is a very vital piece of information for any gambler.

Next mention any bonus games or bonus features and give an overview of how they are triggered and awarded to players. If for example you are writing about a blackjack game or a video poker game, then you can often make your articles much more interesting by mentioning how a player can put into play perfect playing strategy.

There will, as mentioned above be a huge number of companies and individuals who will require people to write for them who understand the gambling environment inside and out, and as such you should put feelers out to gain a foothold in the industry if it is one you do have a lot of knowledge about.  We have recently contibributed to Wagered.com and OddsChecker.com – two highly respectable sites in the Gambling niche, and we had great feedback from this.

As long as you keep your news stories and casino or gambling game guides unique and informative you will find it is very easy to write plenty of articles in one session, and it can also be a very fun environment to work as it is certainly an ever changing one!

How to Find Work from Your Computer

computer 101Where would we all be without computers? Well, we wouldn’t be sat here reading this particular guide which is going to give you a few pointers if you are looking for a career in journalism or writing and you have something of a specialist knowledge of computing.

With there being such a huge range of different computers and laptops there is a real demand for people who can write on that subject, but also opt their own unique spin and writing style into the articles and news stories they write.

You are going to find it will be best that you approach not only newspaper and magazines directly if you are hoping to get a foot into the door so to speak to working for those companies, but many websites are screaming out for quality writers.

So do consider approaching computing themed and based website owners with some example articles and news stories as many people do have a high level of success when doing so.

Constructing a Computing Article or News Story

Many writers who are compiling computer based news stories and articles use tech speak throughout those articles, and it will be determined by the readers who are expected to read your articles whether you make them technical based or write them in an easy to follow way.

Keeping to the facts is very important for whilst every computer will have its own specification, if you are writing a review readers and not going to be too interested of how you found certain aspects of the computer you are reviewing which are only relevant to you.

You should start off with the technical specification when compiling a computer news story or review type article and also compare it to any previous model it has replaced.

Keep in mind that as well as the specification of any computer you will need to mention the price, however, depending on what type of article you are compiling you may not be required to mention a price or a price comparison between different suppliers.

That may be due to the website or publication you are writing for are aiming to push their readers or website visitors to one single supply and as such there will be no need to mention the price.

One final thing to note is that you will need to have had access to the computer you are writing about, whilst some writers can simply read through the technical specification of a computer and then fill up a new story or review based article with that specification.

You are going to build up a loyal following of readers if you give them as much information as possible but from a personal point of view, rather than just rehashing the tech data.

The length of any such computing related article will always be up to the person who has asked you to write it, however an average word count for such articles is between 500 and 1000 words in total.

Using Apps to find Writing Work

journalism oneYou will only have to take a look at just how many different mobile apps are available to realise there is going to be a very strong demand for writers and journalists who can write news stories and guides to mobile applications.

How most writers who do write about mobile apps tend to make their money is by compiling reviews on all of the very latest mobile apps that have been launched and will also write a series of regular news stories for pint media as well as websites that are supplying information on both mobile devices and apps.

There is however a lot of competition between writers involved in the mobile app market sector and it is with that in mind you will need to really have a very deep interest in mobile devices to all you to make your work unique and interesting to the reader.

Keep on reading for below we are going to be passing onto you a range of writing hints and tips which may allow you to compile lots of unique mobile app related news stories and articles, which is of course what every writer will be looking to do if they are to make a living out of writing!

Constructing an App Related Article or News Story

The one thing that you are going to have to acquire as a writer who specializes in writing about mobile apps is to get access to several different mobile devices which all have a different operating system on them.

For there can be some ever so subtle differences in regards to the way mobile apps work and operate on different mobile devices using a different operating system which any reader of your articles and guides is going to need to be aware of.

You will also have to physically download the apps you are writing about and will also need to fully test them out if you are to write an informative articles or news story on those apps.

So one thing that you will need when writing about mobile apps is a lot of time set aside to research fully each and every app you are going to be writing about. That does of course mean your work may attract a premium in regards to the price you can sell it for once completed taking into account the additional work required to research each app fully.

However, once you do get the hang of downloading installing and then utilizing any app you have been commissioned to write about you will find structuring your articles and new stories in such a way a reader will find interesting comes easily.

Just stick to the main facts and tell the reader what each app does and possibly also compare the apps to other ones the market as one thing a mobile user does have is a lot of choice in regards to the types of apps they can download and utilize and mentioning what makes on app better than another will be of great interest to readers of your work.